Sports, Fun, Adrenaline, Relaxation and Enjoyment!

Obviously, there is surfing! But there is much more to do like practicing yoga, visiting the oasis of Paradise Valley, exploring a desert on sandboards and checking out the cool vibe of Richies Beach Club.


Yoga is the perfect complement to surfing! There’s almost no pro surfer who’s not fully into yoga. It doesn’t only help your body recover but also clears your mind. Go with the flow and find your inner peace while doing yoga with us – on the roof top terrace of the Surf House Morocco, directly at the beach or in our Yoga studio on windy days at the Sea View Lodge.

3 yoga sessions included! Optional yoga package (5 sessions): 39 €

Richies Beach Club

Close your eyes and try to imagine your perfect surf trip – you’ll see smooth waves braking over the beautiful beach right in front of you. You’re sipping your favourite drink and swinging in a hammock. A waiter passes by asking you if there’ss anything they can do for you. Now you have a hard decision to make: is it a juicy fruit salad or a quick surf you can’t resist? Just hopping into these perfectly shaped waves right in front of you. Guess what – it’s not a dream, but Richies Beach Club!

Free sun beds & showers for our guests!

Paradise Valley Trip

Oases – Most of us have seen these dreamy valleys just in movies. They’re real and they’re to be found not far away from your accommodation! Beautiful red rock formations, water basins under waterfalls, cliffs and bright-green palms are the essence of the scenery and surely not expected in the middle of a dessert! These contrasts make it even more special. Join us on this trip to finally be able to tell your friends about those incredible oasis you saw with own eyes!

Paradise Valley trip: 20 € (weather-dependent)

Surfing in Morocco

The most incredible sports in the world – surfing! Three amazing spots are right in front of our surf houses and beach club. And many more breaks are to be found in close vicinity. Morocco truly is a surfers’ paradise. There’re waves for every level so it is a great surf destination for everyone! Especially for couples and friends where the surf levels can be really different – everyone will find their own personal stoke!

Surf Course

Our surf courses are apt for all surf levels! Our instructors check your level and offer their classes accordingly.

The Moroccan coastline consist of bays which are not only beautiful to watch but great for surfing in multiple ways. Most importantly, there is almost no current at any beach break! The waves are getting formed and organized by these bays which makes them surfer friendly and a joy to ride.

5 days surf course (2 x 2h a day): 199 €

surfing moroccos waves

Surf Guiding

Ever been to an unknown surf destination as an intermediate? You don’t need a beginner lesson but someone who knows about the spots – when to surf where and how to reach those waves. That’s basically what our surf guiding is all about! Besides showing you the best working waves considering tides, wind direction and swell size, they also explain the specific surf spot to you, how and where to enter and exit, what’s the wave like in the take off and how to ride it best.

5 days surf guiding (2 x 2h a day) without gear: 225 €

Surf Spots

There are all kinds of waves to be found in Morocco. It’s called: “land of the rights”. This is due to the general wind and swell direction from northwest which have formed the bays and cliffs in a special way preferably producing right hand waves. Some of the best right hand point breaks can be found here! But there’re also reef and beach breaks! It doesn’t matter if you’re goofy, regular, beginner, intermediate or advanced – Morocco’s got waves for everyone! Bring your own board or rent one at our Beach Club.

Surfboard and wetsuit rental: 23 €/day

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