Riding Down the Dunes Without Fins!

What a fun activity – riding down sand slopes on surfboards! If you’re up for some action, beautiful dunes and good times with our crew, come on this afternoon trip with us! At the end of the day you’ll ne rewarded with a dazzling sunset over the sand dunes.

Sandboarding Tour

Your surf class is over and you’re still up for some action? Then join our sandboarding tour starting in the afternoon. Drinks, snacks and equipment are included. So just hop on our car and let us take you to the desert north of Agadir. The scenery is just impressive! Massive sand dunes everywhere and the Atlantic Ocean in front of you. Choose a dune and slide it down as often as you want to. Go as steep as you want to and feel the adrenaline pumping. At the end of the day, we enjoy a dinner and the sunset. This tour is optional and costs 50 €.

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