Paradise Valley Trip

Paradise Valley Trip

Exploring an Oasis!

Go on an adventure with us. Visit Morocco’s 1001 night oasis in Paradise Valley in the Atlas Mountains. Our surf houses have the Atlantic Ocean in front and the Atlas Mountains in their back – so Paradise Valley is just a short car ride away. We take you on a tour around gorges, waterfalls, rock pools, lush palm trees, cactuses and if you’re fearless, you may jump off the cliffs and feel the fresh cold water of the natural pools.

Paradise Valley's Oasis

This awesome place is just a short car ride away and definitely worth a visit! A mixture of reds and greens, waterfalls, rock pools, palms and cactuses are a feast for the eyes. Feel adrenaline rushing through your veins when jumping off the cliffs and the relief of cold water on your skin in the hot Moroccan sun. Please note that we only offer this trip when there’s enough water in the valley.

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